WOW ... the May Promotions are AMAZING!!!

When you fill your Monthly Wellness Box with products you love and use regularly, 
you will receive these fabulous Bonus Products for reaching the specified levels.
Be sure to scroll down and see what new items can now be added to your
Essential Rewards Cart 

So what exactly does that mean?  
Well here is what I put in my Essential Rewards Cart:
NingXia Red Essential Rewards  187 PV
(4 Bottles and a Box of 30 Pouches)
Orange Rose Hip Black Tea Set   29.75 PV
Vanilla Lemongrass Tea Set           29.75 PV
Spiced Turmeric Herbal Tea Set   29.75 PV
KidScents MightyPro                    32.75 PV
For a Total of 309 PV

These are the products I am ordering for the month.
That means I have qualified to receive all of the May Promotions.
I will be receiving the Frankincense, Deep Relief,
Endoflex, Lavender, and Longevity 
That makes me giddy with excitement.
FREE is awesome

All of the products I have put in my cart are loaded with antioxidants and amazing for gut health.
All of the FREE BONUS products are excellent for Self-Care 
Meditation, Relaxation, Stress Management

PLUS, being an Essential Rewards Member
 I am also receiving 75 Rewards Points* back that I spend on products of my choice.

The Total Value of all of this is $1125
My Total Investment:  $327

Am I and those I love worth the $327 Investment?

* With the Rewards Points earned I like to get the Einkorn Granola
and the Thieves Aromabright Toothpaste 2 oz size
We send these products in CARE Packages to our Troops
and distribute them to widows, orphans, and the homeless.


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