🍷 30 Day Ningxia Red Challenge 🍷 
Next month we will do a 30 day Ningxia Red Challenge!! 
Drink at least 1 oz. a day but more if you can. 
There will be reminder posts to DRINK UP plus a little bit of NingXia info 
fun facts, a little history, recipes galore, and more!! 
Cheers to a month of NingXia Red! 
You’re going to love the results!  
Increased Energy
Overall Wellness
Eye Support
And so much more!

Supplies Needed:
NingXia Red 
At least One Bottle, Two if drinking 1 or more ounces per day; 
OR a Box of 30 Count Packets
Message me if you need a link to order some!  
We will start on January 1st!

Now if you are already drinking NingXia Red on a daily basis, 
continue to do so and please share your testimonies with us.


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