When we are prepared, there is less opportunity for panic.
Here are some of items I choose to have on hand to be proactive in staying above the Wellness line.

NIngXia Red ~ a whole food nutritional puree loaded with antioxidants
Powdered Sulfurzyme ~ has MSM, the same constituents found in breast milk
Thieves Household Cleaner ~ for creating a toxic free environment
Mineral Essence ~ a depletion of minerals can be traced back to many ill effects
Inner Defense ~ filled with so much goodness (can also be used as a suppository for "quick" effect)
Super C/ Chewable C
Super Vitamin D
MultiGreens ~ salad in a bottle
Lavender Essential Oil ~ when in doubt, use Lavender
White Angelica Essential Oil ~ for keeping negative energy at bay

There are, of course, hundreds more that I enjoy, however I wanted to keep this to a list of 10

So tell me, what are your top 10 Young Living products you like to keep in stock?


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