We love a bundle sale, and this one is just in time for Spring Break! 
Turn your home into a stay-cation with two easy-breezy bundles to kick off your spring break! 

So why even use Aromatherapy?  The oils break through the blood brain barrier and create peace, calmness, awareness - excellent during prayer and meditation and so much more.
Aromatherapy is the perfects STRESS REDUCER!  Stress is the #1 factor in dis-ease/dis-comfort.
We literally have diffusers in every room of the house and enjoy the amazing benefits of Aromatherapy.

When my husband has had hospital stays for surgeries, etc. we run a diffuser in his room and the medical staff stops by frequently for the Aromatherapy.  We have had several of them say they wished all rooms would have Aromatherapy as it facilitates the healing processes.

AND this bundle has a 15 ML of Peace and Calming!!! YES the BIG bottle! 
I adore this oil.  It has helped me through so much during tough and traumatic times.
My Granddaughter turned 6 this past February.  When she was 3 and she heard people ask what my
favorite oil was she immediately stated "Peace and Calming"   LOL

In all honesty that was during a time when my Mom, one of Sisters, one of my Brothers, a Brother-in-law, 
and a special cousin had all passed away within 7 months of each other - plus other family members experienced traumatic life-changing events.

So stock up on these amazing promotions.  Tomorrow I will send out a newsletter sharing benefits and more testimonies of the oils and supplements in these Sale Bundles.

🗓 Promotion dates: March 16 at 9 a.m., MT, through March 23 at 11:59 p.m., MT
💚🍀 The Spring Break Bundle includes:
🍀 Haven Diffuser
🍀 Lime essential oil, 15 ml
🍀 Peppermint essential oil, 15 ml
🍀 Peace & Calming essential oil blend, 15 ml (exclusive size!)
🍀 Stress Away essential oil blend, 5 ml
🍀 Lemon Myrtle essential oil, 5 ml
Item No.: 41578
📌 Original pricing:  Retail: $251.98
🤩 Sale pricing: Wholesale: $135

This cute diffuser is greats to use in bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, office area, etc.
They make excellent gifts for baby showers, weddings, graduations, and just because!

💚 Little Loves Bundle Includes:
🌸 KidScents Little Oilers Premium Starter Bundle (5-pack of oil blends, diffuser not included)
🌸 KidScents Unwind (25 ct.)
🌸 KidScents KidPower essential oil blend, 15 ml
Item No.: 41572
📌 Original pricing:  Retail: $256.91
🤩 Sale pricing:  Wholesale: $125

📝 Offer rules: 
Shop order only.  (Not available on Subscription orders)
Reward points cannot be used to redeem the Spring Break Bundle or Little Loves Bundle.


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