How many devices do you have or use that emit EMF’s?
Smart phone ~ Tablet ~ Computer ~ Smart TV ~ Wi-Fi router
Signal boosters ~ Microwave ~ Smart meter ~ Blue tooth devices
Power lines ~ Electric radiators ~ Electric blankets
And many others  not mentioned.
So how can we protect our family? Salt lamps are one way.
What about oils?  There have been several studies showing the herb rosemary has protective properties when worn topically. It has high antioxidant properties that fight the free radical damage EMF are reported to cause.
Since we live in a EMF world, It would pay to do a little research and protect yourself as best you can.  Do a search and see what you find.
Apply rosemary to the bottom of your feet in the morning and in the evening, also swipe some along the jaw line for protection from phones, even though 99% of the time I use the speaker function and do not hold it to my head.
I enjoy adding a drop of Rosemary to all of my blends as Rosemary reminds me so much of Israel.  
Today I am diffusing Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, and a drop of Rosemary in the living room for seasonal things.
Rosemary and Citrus Fresh in one of the bathrooms as it smells so fresh and clean.
Pine, Rosemary, and Peppermint in master bedroom for respiratory support and that is the room that houses the router. 
At about 5 cents per drop it is a definite must have in every home.  

Here is an exert from Dr. Doug Corrigan:
🧠 **Use Rosemary for the Brain!** 🧠 
Did you know that research demonstrates that breathing in Rosemary essential oil has the following effects on mental performance?
-The speed of mathematical operations increases
-The accuracy of mathematical operations increases
-Long term memory improves
-Speed of Rapid Visual Processing tasks improves
It's important to note that many other cognitive enhancers demonstrate speed or accuracy improvement at the expense of the other; meaning if speed improves, then accuracy declines and vice versa. However, Rosemary essential oil demonstrates improvement in both measures. The research also shows a positive correlation between the degree of performance improvement and the time of exposure to Rosemary.
These tests all tap into the areas of the brain responsible for sustained attention, central executive function, continuous working memory, and arithmetic processing. 
🧠 By using different essential oils and blends, you can affect the brain in many different ways. Depression, Anxiety, Mood, Memory, Emotions, Energy Levels, etc. can all be modulated via essential oils. 

Who will accept the "Rosemary Challenge" and begin adding it to your daily regimen?  


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