When challenging times arise, it is easier to navigate life if we can take proper care of ourselves spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally.  Proactive is much more effective than reactive

As our Beloved Kevin has entered his Eternal Rest, his Forever Shabbat, I have been using several different oils, supplements, modalities, etc. however the following are daily staples.

NingXia Red ~ when Kevin and I started with Young Living 7 years ago it was with the NIngXia Red Starter Kit.
Kevin had been told he only had about 6 months to live.  He made the declaration "I choose to LIVE!" 
And for the next 7 years we saw miracle after miracle as we began incorporating NingXia Red and Essential Oils into our lives on a daily basis.

Powdered Sulfurzyme ~ with prebiotics and probiotics, this helps detoxify

Balance Complete ~ provides liquid nutrition, so important when eating healthy becomes a challenge as oftentimes we go for comfort foods in times of stress 

NingXia Greens ~ new from Young Living, it is a powder superfood with 50 fermented whole foods.  One scoop of this takes the guesswork out of providing daily nutrition. 

Inner Beauty Collagen ~ provides prebiotic fiber which aids in gut health.

Progessence Plus ~ aid in balancing hormones

Frankincense ~ provides a sense of stability for me plus a heightened spiritual awareness

Orange Vitality Oil ~ so many good things to say there is not enough room on this page to say it all
do a search and discover the amazing benefits of this oil
I mix 2 ounces of NingXia Red, 1 scoop NingXia Greens, 1 scoop Collagen, 1/2 teaspoon Powdered Sulfurzyme and
three to five drops of Orange Vitality in 8 ounces of water for a power packed beverage every morning.

Gary's Great Day Protocol ~ 
I am using this protocol 3 times a day to help me process and navigate all the things during this season of my life.   
Oils in the kit include:
Valor ~ for courage and balance
Harmony ~ for an environment of positive feelings
Joy ~ for energy and happiness
White Angelica ~ for feelings of protection 

Grateful for you ~ Adelina Fast ~


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