On the bathroom counters sit 2 minute timers ~ a red one in the main bathroom and a blue one in the master bathroom.  My granddaughter gifted them to me.  They are there so that when we brush our teeth we know when we have brushed them for 2 minutes.  She is such a caring soul.  The blue one is in the master bath because blues are my favorite colors.  Hers is pink ~ guess what her favorite color is haha

I feel so blessed to be part of a company that provides high quality oral care products infused with Thieves Essential Oil.

I also enjoy the versatility of the products; for instance, the toothpastes make an excellent deodorant!  Try it for a week and let me know your thoughts.  

Thieves Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash delivers an invigorating clean that’s free from harsh alcohol, fluoride, and artificial dyes or flavors and is infused with our signature Thieves premium essential oil blend. Quillaja saponaria bark extract, also known as soapbark, contains saponins that act as a natural foaming agent to help loosen buildup and clean hard-to-reach areas for a better clean than brushing alone.  It contains Colloidal Silver ~ a powerful addition to any wellness regimen.  

I recommend diluting the mouthwash ~ a good equation would be 1 part mouthwash to 2 or 3 parts water.

The Thieves Loyalty Rewards is one of the best ways to get the Mouthwash, Toothpaste, plus 9 other Thieves products all in one bundle:  at only $133 (valued at over $255+) you get more bang for your buck.  

Happy smiles :)  


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