NingXia Red has always been one of my favorite drinks since I first began my Young Living Journey.  As a matter of fact, when I enrolled it was with the NingXia Premium Starter Kit.  I wanted a high antioxidant beverage to tackle chaotic cells that had invaded the bodies of many I love.  Ningxia Red continues to be something I ingest daily.  My Granddaughter has even learned to make what we call "The Red Drink" (more about that in another post).
NingXia Red is the HIGHEST ANTIOXIDANT DRINK available on the market.  It comes in at 30,000 on the ORAC Scale 

Oxygen radical absorbance capacity

What that means is that NingXia Red has the highest capacity to absorb free radicals which damage the cells in the body.

I recently discovered an Essential Oil that has the HIGHEST ANTIOXIDANT and DNA PROTECTING properties available so I am now combining the two on a daily basis.  This blend promotes longevity, endurance, stamina ... and so much more.  It also prevents premature aging ... how AWESOME IS THAT!  

So why would I want to do all I can to to take care of myself?  For starters, a 3 year old little girl counts on me to be here for her ... as well as my husband, my children, family, friends ... widows ... orphans ... 

I may not always have it all together ... I may not always say or do "all the right things" ... and that's okay ...

However I am extremely GRATEFUL that I can take steps in the right direction and truly APPRECIATE these two products.   


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