In 1976 there was a law passed in the US called the Toxic Substance Control Act. This law grandfathered in over 100,000 toxic chemicals, that companies are allowed to include in their products, and sell to consumers daily. And none of us have to be warned about the side effects.

You know the warning labels on the back of cleaning products? The ones that say things like, “Poisonous. Keep out of reach of children. Do not ingest.”’s because companies are required to put a warning label on the back, if over 50% of the animals they tested those ingredients on....died.

If less than 50% of those animals didn’t die, they don’t even have to label it with a warning at all.
But all of these products can still be sold and marketed to be used in homes where animals live...oh, and people live there too.

This is where we have something called Green Washing. A product looks clean and safe, because it has plants or lemons on the front. Maybe it even says it has essential oils in it? But then you flip it over and it has the word “Fragrance.”
(Essential oils should NOT be listed as fragrance. This means it is a synthetic chemical.)

• Fragrance alone is considered a Trade Secret, and companies do not have to disclose which ingredients they used. It is typically between 300-2000 different toxic chemicals disguised in that single word. Linked to migraines, infertility, asthma and more.

Other main ingredients to watch for.....

• SLS - it’s what makes your soap foam. It’s linked to infertility. Skin irritations. Mutates cells. Neurotoxin. Linked to bladder infections.

• Dioxane - linked to breast cancer in lab rats. Used to make SLS less abrasive.

• Diethanolamine (DEA) - Known to cause cancer. Is especially dangerous for pregnant women, as it blocks the absorption of the nutrient "choline," which is essential to brain formation. It can be dangerous for babies as well.

• Propylene Glycol - This strong skin irritant can cause liver abnormalities and kidney dysfunction, and yet it's in your shampoo and almost every toothpaste. oh, it’s also known as anti-freeze.....

• Formeldahyde - directly linked to childhood cancer. Found in almost every baby wash sold in the US.

Yes. It matters.
What you bathe them in.
What you wash their clothes in.
What you clean their floors with.
What you clean their bathtub with.
What you brush their teeth with.
What you purify their air with.

I just want everyone to really does matter. And I want you to know, those symptoms you deal with.....The rashes. The excema. The migraines. The digestive issues. The asthma. The anxiety doesn’t have to be your normal.

What if there was a better way?
And it was easier?

There is a better way. 💜 Talk to me today about making the switch to a Toxin-free lifestyle!

(Thank you Lyndsey Talton, Amanda Cooper and The Nabalo Lifestyle Facebook group for this beautiful + informative post.)


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