With the latest scare tactic that is being presented in the world these days, many people are without a job or income as workplaces are being shut down.  There are some who have been given the option/opportunity to work from home as a temporary measure, and for that gratefulness is the attitude.

Young Living has provided a work-at-home experience for so many.  I have basically built my business that way.  I do enjoy DIY's, gathering in other people's homes, or having them come to mine for presentations.  However, to accommodate and respect the needs of the many, I will be doing my demonstrations online via Facebook Live.  I have set up a YouTube Channel and am learning to navigate that system so that I may include those who are not on Facebook.

In the meantime, I want to share a program that YL will be implementing on April 1.
The bonuses you see here are in addition to the "Thank You" checks you receive from YL for sharing your love of the products with others.

I have included the Income Disclosure Statement below the new promotion.
Take a look at the Income Disclosure and let me know what level you would like to see yourself at.
Maybe a Sr. Star getting your YL products FREE every month as your check covers your order.
Or an Executive making enough to pay for your order every month and a little extra money.
Or maybe a Silver, generating between $1500-$2000 per month.
Or do you want to GO FOR THE GOLD
What about being one of the Royal Crown Diamonds?!!!

Together we can make this happen ... I can't do it for you, however I can walk beside you in this journey.


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