March is always a month to celebrate seeing as how it is my birthday month haha
So let's celebrate with up to 7 yes SEVEN Bonus products when your 
Essential Rewards order is at the PV requirements listed.

Essential Rewards orders:
400 ER tier
Retail value: $244.86
Bonus Essential Rewards: Amethyst Roller
•This Roller looks positive divine!  What an excellent way to raise vibrations in such a captivating way.
   Add your favorite oil/blends/combinations for an exhilarating experience.

Blue Cypress essential oil, 5 ml
• Take time for self-care and create a DIY massage oil with a dab of V-6™ and a few drops of Blue Cypress.
• Nourish with nature. Add a drop of this crisp evergreen oil to your moisturizer to refine your complexion.

Idaho Grand Fir essential oil, 5 ml*
• Inhale inspiration. Envision fresh mountain air as you rub this oil on your chest and breathe deeply.
• Enjoy an evergreen escape. Diffuse Idaho Grand Fir with Frankincense and Vetiver for an instant outdoors aroma.

RutaVaLa™ essential oil blend, 5 ml
• Create a next-level night routine. Combine this blend with water in a spray bottle and spritz the calming aroma on your pillow after a hectic day.
• Treat your feet. Dilute this blend and massage into your soles before your evening meditation.

Copaiba essential oil, 5 ml
• Revive your resolve. Invigorate your day by inhaling this sweet, woodsy scent for a refreshing experience.
• Boost your bath. Embrace a moment of solo time by adding drops of Copaiba and Peace & Calming® to a gentle soak.
 Create a foot soak with Epsom Salt and RutaVala for an excellent stress reliever.

Bonus Essential Rewards: Lavender essential oil, 15 ml
• Tried-and-true tranquility. This original favorite is essential to diffuse when you need to create a serene space.
• Put your freshest face forward. Add Lavender to your morning face wash to leave you feeling fresh and fit for a perfect day.
Lavender is a must have for thousands of situations!

Bonus Essential Rewards: Clary Sage essential oil, 5 ml
• Create a study sanctuary. Diffuse this herbaceous, floral aroma while you center your thoughts before a big project.
• Delight in a motivating massage. Combine Clary Sage with a massage oil to create a must-use duo when you need to decompress.

Free Shipping
• Let’s finish what you carted. Indulge yourself in inspiring scents and we’ll cover the cost of your YL deliveries.
• Earn your way to free deliveries. Reach our 100 PV tier and we’ll ship your qualifying order free!

*order the products for your Monthly Wellness Box ~ receive Bonus products


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