Exciting news... Young Living corporate has joined arms with use here are the 14 Day Reset. They launched a beautiful bundle for the Reset.

This simple system got even more simple. 

This bundle walks you through the 14 days of consuming NingXia. Your days are separated with how many pouches you need on each day.

❤️ Talk about EASY button!!!! ❤️

As Young Living members you can grab this bundle on a shop order or on your Loyalty Rewards Order
 this month only.

Next month, these offers are exclusively for new members due to the affordable pricing, tailored for our family and friends to join us. The loyalty rewards bundle is the ideal choice for existing YL members like you. Grab 1 or 5! Involve the whole family and secure a box for each person! 

Let 2024 be the year the whole family regains their health!

Join the corporate FB group here 
👇. This is NOT replacing this FB group it is another layer of value we are bringing to you. You think we give away a lot with 6 bottle of NR a month wait till you see what they are giving away 😁

They will also have added education from our brilliant scientist at Young Living and more. Join here...


We want to encourage you to go their FB group and post your pictures of NingXia Red . Let them your you're 
red-y to get started on Jan 15th and use the hashtag #14dayreset.

If you have a before and after photo already --- share that as well, you'll encourage others to get excited to do this with us in January!

Who's excited for our January 15th Reset????? 🥳
✨Big News Alert! ✨ 🎉 We've prepared something special for you: Introducing our 14 Day Reset Website! . Please note, this is NOT replacing our group - it's an additional resource, especially for those not on social media. It offers a streamlined, easy-to-navigate experience, perfect if you find Facebook overwhelming. Plus, it comes with a free app that sends notifications during the 14 days, ensuring you stay updated without the usual Facebook distractions and algorithm issues. . Now, everyone can join in, whether they're on Facebook or not! . 🚀✨WEBSITE LINKS🚀✨ 14 Day Reset Exclusive Group- If they have their NingXia & are ready to start www.14Day-Reset.com . 14 Day Reset Sneak Peek- Someone is interested in the reset you have been doing www.14DayResetSneaPeek.com . 14 Day Reset Testimonies- Share this with people who are struggling with their health and need to see others who have overcome health struggles. www.14Day-Reset.com/page/testimonials . 14 Day Reset Leader’s How To Share- If you want to use this system to make extra income & change lives. This is a tool to show you how to share with others in a way that can transform their lives to see better health. www.14DayResetHowToShare.com . HANDY FACEBOOK LINKS 14 Day Reset Sneak Peek Group www.facebook.com/groups/14DayResetSneakPeek . 14 Day Reset Exclusive Group www.facebook.com/groups/FourteenDayReset . 14 Day Reset Leader Hub Group www.facebook.com/groups/14DayResetLeaderHub


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