Last night I was on a ZOOM call where several shared a few of the most amazing testimonies.
Feel free to contact me for more information as I can only share "FDA Compliant" phrases on this platform.

A very highly recommended "recipe" was:
2 ounces of NingXia Red plus 1 teaspoon Powdered Sulfurzyme at least once a day
Preferably twice a day
A vegetable capsule with 10 Drops of Longevity Oil daily
Or you can do 2 vegetable capsules with 5 drops of Longevity Oil twice a day

The results in terms of heart-blood pressure, kidney, liver, and blood sugar support were astounding!

Also, for those who are pregnant, nursing, or attempting pregnancy, this combination is considered a must-have (men should also be doing this for fertility support)

Personally, we have seen what many would call miraculous happenings in our lives since the addition of NingXia Red to our arsenal of wellness over 6 years ago.


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