Seven years ago, on July 3, 2015, I enrolled with Young Living.
The Starter Kit I enrolled with was the NingXia Red Starter Pack.
I had done months of research looking for the highest antioxidant drink
available on the market and found NingXia Red.

NingXia Red has been a real life-changer for my family and friends who
consume it on a regular basis.

Recently Young Living had a convention in which they shared the results of clinical studies
done in regards to NingXia Red.  

Below you will find the graphics showing the result of the studies along with some of the 
BEST.DEALS.EVER when purchasing NingXia Red.

NingXia Red Bundle ~ $135   PV 100   
Currently available on Loyalty Rewards
NingXia Red Essential Rewards
$194.50   PV  194


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