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Peace and Calming is one of Young Living's most popular blends, and for good reason! Peace and Calming is a unique blend of Tangerine, Orange, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, and Blue Tansy that will surely become a favorite in your family to relax and calm emotions. This oil can signal overtired and overworked body systems that it is a safe space to release stress and defenses and allow blocks in relationships to come down. 
Have trouble sleeping? Try Peace and Calming as part of your bedtime routine to create those important rest cycles and rhythms so crucial to our health.
Peace & Calming is great to diffuse to create a positive, peaceful atmosphere. This Young Living exclusive is made with five essential oils, including Tangerine and Orange, which contain some of the highest naturally occurring levels of the constituent limonene. This blend also has Ylang Ylang essential oil, another crowd favorite! 

Each essential oil in Peace & Calming was carefully selected for its unique benefits: 
  • Tangerine: contains esters and aldehydes that are supportive of calming the nervous system and releasing anxious thoughts and nerves
  • Orange: uplifting to the mind, helps bring a sense of joy and peace; commonly used in aromatherapy to help release anxious feelings
  • Ylang ylang: supports relaxation, balances male and female energies to restore confidence and equilibrium
  • Patchouli: high in sesquiterpenes, this oil stimulates the limbic center of the brain to support grounding and centering, helps clarify the thoughts, allowing the mind to relax and release insecurities
  • Blue Tansy: helps cleanse the liver and lymphatic system, combats anger and negative emotions
Constituents are naturally occurring compounds in plants (and therefore essential oils) that give them sprecic health-supporting properties
  • Sesquiterpenes: known for their ability to calm and focus the mind and central nervous system
  • Limonene: known for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-stress support, this is a powerful constituent with many health benefits
Peace and Calming is an incredible tool when it comes to emotional health! The Blue Tansy in this blend is specifically supportive of calming the Central Nervous System! Here are two ways to use this oil blend to shift your thoughts and emotions from counselor Eryn Jones:
  • For when you feel out of control and out of your depth. Balance and healthy boundaries can be the opposite of out of control. Using Peace & Calming on your stomach, focusing on the affirmation  "I am content" can really help quell strong desires to be in control. Control is something we often seek subconsciously and don't notice until we feel, well "out of it!". Thus out of control. Peace & Calming can be a huge help in this area!
  • For when you feel unwanted or unlovable. Often, feelings of deep unease, instability, and moodiness are born from this deep false belief about ourselves. Just smelling P & C can help support our hormones too. Often our hormones can get out of whack when we feel deep sadness and unease AND hormones being out of whack can cause these sad feelings and beliefs- everything is connected! Peace & Calming can help both the feelings and hormonal balance!
  • Add a drop to your palms, then breathe with your hands over your nose to promote feelings of courage and confidence.
  • Diffuse in all bedrooms at night to promote restful sleep
  • Rub drops on wrists or back of neck to calm anxious thoughts and feelings
  • Help tired children wind down busy bodies and minds after active days
  • Breathe deeply when situations seem overwhelming
  • Apply Peace & Calming to the bottoms of feet at night as part of a bedtime ritual for your whole family.
  • Dilute it with V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex for a calming back massage before naps or bed.
  • Add 4–5 drops to 1 cup of Epsom salt for a centering bath at the start of the day or as part of a calming evening routine.
  • Add it to Young Living Bath and Shower Gel Base for a cleanser your entire family will love.
  • Combine it with Citrus Fresh™ essential oil blend for a bright, invigorating scent that's perfect for mornings before school or practice.
I am diffusing 4 drops White Angelica plus 4 drops Peace and Calming in the living room.
I am calling this blend "All is Calm, All is Bright" because this combination helps us navigate the grief process, knowing that there is a hope and a future because of the GOD we serve so the future is bright which gives us a sense of calm. 
The luminarias are courtesy of my Grandchildren ~ and they truly are Grand!!!

In the bedroom tonight I am diffusing: 3 drops White Angelica, 3 drops Peace and Calming, 
and 2 drops Evergreen Essence.

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