Did you realize that as a Member of our Young Living team 
you have many people praying over you on a daily basis?

I would like to recommend something for you to pray over your team this week
Do this every day for this week and see YHVH move in a Magnificent Way

ABA, we love YOU and we bless YOU
We thank YOU for __________________________
{insert the names of everyone on your team
Calling them by name before the Throne}
We thank YOU for their families
We thank YOU that YOU have given them abundant life
We thank YOU for providing the means for them 
to have that abundant life
We thank YOU that our teams grow quickly and organically
We thank YOU for being their Cloud by Day and Fire by Night
We thank YOU for blessing them and keeping them
We thank YOU for looking upon them with immense Love
We thank YOU for keeping them in YOUR Perfect Peace
Shalom … Shalom


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