What a beautiful beginning to Shabbat we have had.
It started out with a Betrothal ~ similar to an engagement process 
A fine-looking couple, devoted to MESSIAH
The ambiance was so lovely, delicate lights strung across the ceiling'
lanterns and glass jars all around with the same type of lighting
Beautiful music ... 
And the food ~ a Taco Bar ~ all sorts of chicken, beef, guacamole, salsas...
And for dessert every kind of donut imaginable along with pies of every sort ~
Coconut Cream, Banana Cream, Chocolate Cream, Apple, Lemon Meringue ... 
Partaking of such a delightful menu can wreak havoc on the body
However, Allerzyme to the rescue!
Allerzyme is a vegetarian enzyme complex that promotes digestion
Loaded with soothing oils it promotes easy absorption 
when overindulgence of rich foods occurs
May the rest of your Shabbat bring you much-needed rest as you dwell in HIS PRESENCE


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