As I was checking into the Albuquerque airport last week, I was held back because they kept saying I was setting off the sensors.  They finally let me through and I was the last one to board as they kept me so long, scanning and scanning, and wanding and patting.  I was told they were holding the plane for me.
On the way back, I was scanned over and over at the Pensacola airport. Again they said I was setting off the sensors. So they scanned and wanded (is that even a word LOL) and patted and said my left pocket was setting off the alarm. 
I wore my jeans on the way over, washed them in Pensacola, wore them on the way back. 
This week as I am going about routines, I realized that I often carry a bottle of Essential Oil in my left pocket 
Oftentimes the bottle is even an empty one, however still powerful, 
So even though there was no bottle in the pocket while at the airport, and the jeans were clean both times, something remains.  
That is why I am passionate about sharing what YHVH has made available to us.  
We have been empowered to use things GOD created ~ products that carry a frequency that is quantum in nature.
Have a blessed weekend.  


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