A friend of my presented this information and I wanted to share it with you.
How many steps do you take daily - backwards? Probably just a few, as in backing up from a counter, etc. But did you know walking backwards offers tremendous benefits, such as:

Increasing the range of motion in your knee
If you have a knee injury, have had knee surgery, or knee stiffness, you may have a loss of knee extension, which is your knee's ability to straighten out. While walking backward, your bent knee straightens fully while you are moving from your toes onto your heel. This helps to improve the range of motion for better knee extension.

Shin and glute muscle support
Works your shin muscles instead of calves, and tightens those glutes. When walking backwards, you step back with your toe and roll through your foot to your heel. This works the shin muscles, as opposed to the calf muscles, which tends to do all the work when we walk forward. Walking backwards also works our glutes, which engage as you begin to reach back with your toe.

Hamstring stretch
Walking backward also stretches the hamstrings, which are often short and tight. Tight hamstrings can be easily pulled during strenuous activity or exercise.

Sense of Balance
The vestibular system, is a sensory system that creates the sense of balance and spatial orientation for the purpose of coordinating movement with balance. Walking backwards triggers this system to be more alert and keep you in balance walking both backwards, when walking normally.

Back Support
So many people suffer from low back aches for a variety of reasons. Stretching and exercise may help, applying topical creams may also provide temporary relief, however, walking backwards is the most profound way to help reduce the risk for low back pain in the first place.
My walking backwards story.
A few days I ago I was experiencing some slight pain in my back.  After doing the oils I recommend for this plua hydrating, extra Powdered Sulfurzyme with NingXia, and emotional release ~ I still felt a twinge.  I remembered reading my friends post and began to walk backwards.  Immediately there was a shift and my back felt great! 

Today as I was walking backwards since I have decided to do this on a daily basis to be proactive in my wellness, our 16 month old grandson started "chasing" me and was giggling away!  It was so cute and had my granddaughter and me laughing at his antics which of course raises our vibration ~ win win situation.  
Walking backwards reminds me of when we are in Israel and at the Kotel (Western Wall ~ Wailing Wall), as we walk away from the Wall we walk backwards for we do not turn our backs on GOD. 

I am so grateful for the modalities GOD provides for us ~ including walking backwards haha.
At the end of this blog I have shared some pictures of the last time Kevin and I were in Israel.  Beautiful memories.  We started our Young Living journey in 2015.  He had been given 6 months left to live, however by the grace of GOD and wisdom in lifestyle choices, he continued on for another 7 years and for that we are truly grateful!   Blessings ~ Adelina

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