What are “Essential Oils”?

First, they are essential for survival. Plants produce essential oil molecules and use them to interact with their environment. They are essential in defending their growing area. They are essential to scare away leaf-eating predators. They are essential in attracting insects to pollinate flowers. 
Second, they are essential to humans. We use essential oils for our health and well-being. They are essential for triggering memory recall and emotional changes. They are essential for triggering the Fight/Flight/Freeze response and the Rest & Digest response. Essential oils are essential in lifting our moods and stabilizing our emotions.  

When your brain considers the word “oil” it likely comes up with several images. It may be motor oil to lubricate your car engine. It may be olive oil for cooking and seasoning food. It may be heating oil as fuel in your house. You know that oils are slippery, greasy, and do not mix with water. 
First, they float on water. Essential oils do not mix with water. When you combine essential oil and water, you will see two distinct liquid layers. Essential oil molecules are lighter (in most cases) than water molecules, therefore they float on water. Try putting a couple of drops of orange essential oil in a clear glass of water. What happens?
Second, they are composed of Hydrogen and Carbon atoms. Molecules containing mainly Carbon and Hydrogen atoms do NOT mix with water and are lighter (less dense) than water, so they float on water. 

--“Essential Oils”--
Here are some helpful phrases which describe the use and value of essential oils:
-Essential oils are organic molecules produced by plants and trees to ensure survival. 
-Essential oils are also beneficial to human health, happiness, and emotions. 
-Essential oils are the aroma molecules of plants.
-Essential oils are produced and stored in the leaves, stems, roots, and fruit of plants.
-Essential oils help plants and trees to survive and thrive.
-Essential oils are the intelligence of plants. 
-Essential oil molecules are used by plants to communicate with animals, birds, and insects.
-Essential oils are natural remedies for humans and animals.
-Essential oils may be applied to the skin.
-Essential oils may be inhaled into the lungs and sinuses.
-Essential oils may be ingested or added to foods and drinks.


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