(Thanks to my friend Joy Ballard for this article)

When I think of Marjoram, I think MUSCLES behaving appropriately.  

When Marjoram is used in the Raindrop technique it has many roles, you can get your reference material out and read about all the benefits of this oil.  But the one I want to draw your attention to most is it effects on muscles.  Often an individual receiving a raindrop will experience a lengthening of the spine.  NO, you will not "grow" during a raindrop...but your muscles may relax, allowing for decompression of the spine, which in turn "lengthens" your spine.

Now think through what in your body is a muscle besides your obvious skeletal muscles.  
Your heart is a muscle, your blood vessels are muscles, your uterus is a muscle.
All muscles can experience spasms.

What happens when blood vessels spasm or constrict?  Think blood pressure changes.
What happens when the uterus in a 16 yr old girl spasms?  Think period cramps.
What about charlie horses....tension headaches...low back pain after a hard day of work...what about emotional tensions(yep, marjoram and help modulate tense emotions too).

I'm all about an easy button. I love to put spray tops on oils that I need to cover a larger area like a group of back muscles.

How do you like to use Marjoram?


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