Nothing says “happy holidays” like a fresh and festive home. Gift yourself and everyone on your list our Fresh and Festive™️ Starter Bundle, complete with all the essentials for a clean, holiday-ready space. 
Featuring our brightest and merriest essential oils, a Dewdrop™️ Diffuser, and our cozy-smelling Thieves®️ Household Cleaner, this bundle will have everyone excited to welcome Young Living into their homes this holiday season and beyond.
Get yours November 1–30 on a one-time or loyalty order. Plus, when you sell this bundle to a new enrolling Customer or Brand Partner, you’ll qualify for the Fast Start Bonus. 
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Fresh and Festive™️ Starter Bundle
Item No. 46351
Wholesale: $130 
PV: 115 
Retail Value: $308.16
This starter bundle includes:
◾ Believe™️ essential oil blend, 15 ml
◾ Bergamot essential oil, 15 ml
◾ Vanilla oleoresin, 5 ml
◾ Christmas Spirit™️ essential oil blend, 5 ml
◾ Grapefruit essential oil, 15 ml 
◾ Peppermint essential oil, 5 ml
◾ Lemon essential oil, 15 ml
◾ Lime essential oil, 15 ml
◾ Thieves®️ Household Cleaner, 14.4 oz.
◾ Dewdrop™️ Diffuser
Looking for more holiday goodies to give (or get) this season? These Whimsical Winter™️ faves will be available on loyalty orders starting November 1!
◾ Sip and Celebrate Set 
◾ Home Is Where the Hygge Is Set
◾ Whimsical Cleaning Collection 
◾ Simplified by Jacob + Kait™️ Cozy Chai™️ Salt Scrub and Body Butter 
◾ Holiday Suds Set 
◾ Diffuser Charging Pad
◾ Foaming Hand Soap Bottle 
◾ Whimsical Spray Bottle 
◾ Blissful Lips™️ Lip Balm Set 
◾ Sweet Maple™️ Bath Bombs
◾ Simplified by Jacob + Kait™️ Candy Cane™️ essential oil blend, 10 ml 
◾ Simplified by Jacob + Kait™️ Pink Champagne™️ essential oil blend, 10 ml 
◾ Simplified by Jacob + Kait™️ Winter Spa™️ essential oil blend, 10 ml 
◾ Simplified by Jacob + Kait™️ Winter Collection™️ 
◾ Christmas Spirit™️ essential oil blend, 15 ml 
◾ Evergreen Essence™️ essential oil blend, 15 ml 
◾ Christmas Spirit™️ Foaming Hand Soap, 3-pack


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