So I said I would share a funny story and actually I have two concerning this oil.
When I first started with Young Living this oil came up on my scan however it was out of stock.  People kept touting how wonderful it was so when it finally came into stock I immediately ordered one. The website says:
"Valerian essential oil has an earthy aroma that promotes feelings of relaxation and eases occasional restlessness. Diffuse this grounding oil as the perfect bedtime companion or massage it into the bottoms of your feet after a long day to foster moments of peace. Valerian is a vital component in D. Gary Young’s Trauma Life™ essential oil blend. "
It came in and I was sooo EXCITED!!!  I put several drops in the diffuser in the bedroom, added water, turned on the diffuser and closed the bedroom door on my way out.  My intention was to complete my nighttime routine, go back into the bedroom which would then be filled with this amazing aroma, and I would get the greatest night's sleep ever.
I completed my routine so looking forward to what I thought was going to happen; opened the bedroom door ... and my nostrils were assaulted with this horrible stench!  I was transported to wet rainy days, sitting outside by the back of the house, where I could smell wet horse and pig manure (the neighbors behind us had pigs and horses LOL)
Anyway, that is how Essential Oils work - the scent uses your "memory senses" ... needless to say it took about a week for me to get past all that.  The fact that I did not appreciate the scent was a very strong indicator that I really really really needed it haha
So I switched to the following two oils which contain Valerian yet it is not at strong.  (Be sure to read the story following the pictures ... that one causes me to laugh so much)
 ... the next story ... very similar to in that the expectation of what Valerian was going to do.
My friend smelled and wasn't drawn to the scent however she put it on the bottom of her feet ... when we have difficulty appreciating an oil that is a great way to adjust to it.
Anyway, she went to bed and a few minutes later her husband walked into the room and he says, "Honey, are you okay? Did you have a bm accident?  It smells really bad in here!"
She explained it was an oil and she had even put socks on LOL

Have a great week :)


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