Did you know that indoor air is toxic due to toxic cleaners, fabric softeners, air fresheners, carpet cleaners, etc.?  These toxic fumes oftentimes stay trapped in fabrics, sofas ... even air vents.

Did you know that if you swapped out basic products such as your household cleaners, toothpaste, hand sanitizers, mouthwash, hand soaps ... you would be on a Path to Wholeness?

There would be an increase in stress reduction, inflammation, even a decrease in the chance of getting the "C" word.
Yes, over 90% of cancers could be reduced in occurrence simply by changing over to natural products.  

I challenge you to purchase the Thieves Essential Rewards Kit in either October or November.  When you do, send me a picture of you with your products and we will send you a Thieves Bar Soap and an extra foaming and soap dispenser which you can then use to make 5+ bottles of Thieves Foaming Hand soap out of 1. 

You are so worth the investment!

If you are not yet a Member of the Young Living Family we would love to have you join us.  Contact me for a $20 voucher and FREE SHIPPING.  This offer expires in a few days so get back to me asap.


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